2009 LCFF

2009 Venues

College Of Lake County
19351 W. Washington St.
Grayslake, IL 60030

Greenbelt Cultural Center
1215 Green Bay Rd.
North Chicago, IL 60064

Mickey Finn's Brewery
412 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048

GurneezĀ Diner
750 S. Milwaukee Ave.
Gurnee, IL 60031

In 2009, we showed 31 feature films and 63 shorts.

2009 Selected Films

Narrative Features:

11 Minutes Ago (d. Bob Gebert)
The Auteur (d. James Westby)
Bronx Paradise (d. William Lappe)
Corpo (d. Rossana Foglia & Rubens Rewald)
Fix (d. Tao Ruspoli)
Lightning Salad Motion Picture (d. Kenneth Price)
Lonely Joe (d. Michael Coonce)
Luke & Brie Are On A First Date (d. Chad Hartigan)
Never Have I Ever (d. Jonathan C. Legat)
One Week (d. Thomas Kleine)
Route 30 (d. John Putch)
Salawati (d. Marc X. Grigoroff)
The Skyjacker (d. Jeff Pickett)
Surviving Guthrie (d. Ed Smith)
Woodpecker (d. Alex Karpovsky)

Documentary Features:

After The Fall (d. Joe Pacheco)
The Atom Smashers (d. Monica Ross & Clayton Brown)
Behind The Wheel (d. Tao Ruspoli, James Wade & Cody Lucich)
Clinton 12 (d. Keith McDaniel)
Fagbug (d. Erin Davies)
How To Cross A Border (d. Tim Parsa)
Looking For Ms. Locklear (d. Link Neal & Rhett McLaughlin)
I Love Trash (d. David Brown)
Nerdcore For Life (d. Dan Lamoureux)
Nice Bombs (d. Usama Alshaibi)
Playing With Rage (d. Royce Toni)
Proceed And Be Bold! (d. Laura Zinger)
The Providence Effect (d. Rollin Binzer)
San Francisco: Still Wild At Heart (d. Melissa Peabody)
Vincent: A Life In Color (d. Jennifer Burns)
Wesley Willis's Joyrides (d. Chris Bagley & Kim Shively)

Narrative Shorts:

120 Volts (d. James P. Gannon)
The Adventure (d. Mike Brune)
Birth (d. Signe Baumane)
The Box Man (d. Nirvan Mullick)
Bresson & Adeline (d. Christopher Jarvis)
Cab Ride (d. Giuseppe Scarpitta)
The Cave: An Adaptation Of Plato's Allegory In Clay (d. Michael Ramsey)
Cochran (d. James P. Gannon)
Code Duello (d. Art Reynolds)
Comic Sans Purpose (d. George Green)
Doxology (d. Michael Langan)
Fantasie In Bubblewrap (d. Arthur Metcalf)
For The Masses (d. Corrie Francis)
Germans In The Woods (d. Tim Rauch)
Gnome Man's Land (d. Sean Colbert)
The Group (d. Boris Wexler)
Hayes Carll: Crystal Beach Memories (d. Dano Johnson)
Interpretation (d. Lin Oeding)
Letter To Colleen (d. Andy London)
Literally (d. Marty Shea)
Metamorphosis (d. Debra Zarne)
Monday (d. Dorian Weinzimmer)
Mugs (d. Ronnie Cramer)
Murder Monologue (d. Anghus Houvouras)
Never (d. Devon Ford)
Nollaig Shona (d. Orla Murphy)
Papiroflexia (d. Joaquin Baldwin)
Parts (d. Scott Hanson)
The Party (d. Jonathan Browning)
Passenger Seat (d. Jerry Thompson)
Rendezvous (d. Cole Simon)
Royal Nightmare (d. Alex Budovsky)
The Sale (d. Jonathan Browning)
Santa Claus, The Fascist Years (d. Bill Plympton)
Scritch Scratch Of Busy Little Hands (d. Joy & Noelle Vaccese)
Sick (d. Mike Rymer)
Spider (d. Nash Edgerton)
The Story Of Sputnik (d. John Harden)
Struck (d. Taron Lexton)
Such As It Ends (d. Mac Eldridge)
Tart (d. Mairtin de Barra)
Twisted Thicket (d. Jake Jarvi)
Urn Doctor, M.D. (d. Matt Arauz)
Wedding Jimmy (d. Lisa Pescia)
Western Spagetti (d. PES)
What Is She To You? (d. Alden Burgess)
The White Elephant (d. Ken J. Adachi)
The Whole Truth (d. Gerald Guthrie)
Wishing Bone (d. Kev Stock)

Documentary Shorts:

Arch's Iguanas (d. Steve Gatlin)
Chickens Of The Sea (d. Steve Furman)
Fisheye Fantasea (d. Anita Chaumette)
Justicia Now! (d. Robbie Proctor & Martin O'Brien)
Mundo Celiente (d. Bob Barancik)
Papa Tortuga (d. Rob & Elise Wilson)
Plain Ride Penn (d. Kyla Clayton)
Reefer Madness (d. Steve Hanson)
Return Of The Chickens (d. Steve Furman)
Tracks (d. Corrie Francis)

Music Videos:

Hayes Carll - "She Left Me For Jesus" (d. Dano Johnson)
John Lefebvre - "Our Town" (d. Christian Amundson)
Mr. Bungle - "Retrovertigo" (d. Thomas Kanschat)
M83 - "We Own The Sky" (d. James P. Gannon)

2009 Cinematic Obscura Room

Saturday, March 7
Noon - White Out

2:30pm - Ultra-Low Budget Film Production Panel

5:00pm - Music Panel

Sunday, March 8
Noon - 2008 Lake County Film Festival Award Winning Short Films

2:00 - Patrick Smith

4:00 - Film Festival Director Panel

Lake County Fest a feast with 100 indies – Reel Chicago – Feb 24, 2009