2007 LCFF

2007 Venues

Libertyville Civic Center
135 W. Church St.
Libertyville, IL 60048

Libertyville High School
708 W. Park Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048

American Legion Hall
715 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048

For our fourth year, we showed 18 selected features and 78 short films.

2007 Selected Films

Special Screening: 

The TV Set (d. Jake Kasdan)

Staged Screenplay Reading: 


Narrative Features: 

A Great Disturbance (d. Benjamin Shull & Andrew Davis)
Eve Of Understanding (d. Alyson Shelton)
Fate Twisted Simply (d. Seven Coulter)
The Girl (d. Jake Jarvi)
In Memorium (d. Amanda Gusack)
The Karaoke King (d. Dan Mackler & J.J. Ruscella)
Midlothia (d. Bill Sebastian)
Military Intelligence And You (d. Dale Kutzera)
The Pacific & Eddy (d. Matthew Nourse)
Pirates Of The Great Salt Lake (d. Eric Nelson)
Pope Dreams (d. P. Patrick Hogan)

Documentary Features:

51 Birch Street (d. Doug Block)
Abel Raises Cain (d. Jenny Abel & Jeff Hockett)
An American Opera (d. Thomas McPhee)
Downtown Local (d. Robin Muir & Rory Muir)
Hello Again Everybody - The Harry Carey Story (d. Noel Gimbel)
High Score (d. Jeremy Mack)
Plagues & Pleasures On The Salton Sea (d. Christopher Metzler & Jeff Springer)

Narrative Shorts: 

30 Seconds (d. Robert Hoover)
A Little Light (d. Ben Zlotucha)
Absolute Zero (d. Alan Woodruff)
Aesop's Diner (d. Cara O'Shea)
An Open Door (d. Crystal Us)
A.W.O.L. (d. Jack Swanstrom)
Battle Of The Album Covers (d. Rohitash Rao & Abraham Spear)
Black Dogs Can't Jump (d. Gorman Bechard)
Cabbie (d. Donlee Brussel)
Checking In (d. Steve Gelder)
Chrysanthemums: The Word (d. Toby Roberts)
Divorce Lemonade (d. Justin Hayward)
Eddie's Winning Date (d. Julia Radochia)
Egg (d. Benh Zeitlin)
ESC (d. Zachary Brewster-Geisz
Exit (d. Glynn Beard)
Fall Free For All (d. Jake Jarvi)
Fast Money (d. Jerry Chan)
Filthy Food (d. T. Arthur Cottam)
Glacier Bay (d. Douglas Moser)
Home For Good (d. Todd Tinkham)
I Love You, I'm Sorry, and I'll Never Do It Again (d. Keith Snyder)
I'm A Big Brother (d. Marty Shea)
In Search Of... (d. Alyson Yester Shelton)
In The Tradition Of My Family (d. Todd Davis)
Joy Meal (d. Mathijs Geijskes)
K-7 (d. Christopher Leone)
Kubuku Rides (This Is It) (d. Terry Kinney)
Lemonade Stand (d. John Moore)
Les Pages (d. Charles McGuire)
Moosecock (d. Will Harman)
My Lovers Moods (d. Jack Newell)
Nevel Is The Devil (d. Peter Craig)
Occupied (d. Christian Filek)
Oculus (d. Mike Flanagan)
One Man's Trash (d. Link Neal & Rhett McLaughlin)
P.M.S. - A Period Piece (d. Angie Piccirillo)
Performance Anxiety (d. Scott Stamper)
Promise (d. Brian McQuery)
Puppet (d. Patrick Smith)
Remission Impossible (d. Ken Hegan)
Rosa (d. William Olsson)
Stop! (d. Mathijs Geijskes)
Story Of Bubbleboy (d. Sean Ascroft)
Tall Tales & Big Lies (d. Dano Johnson)
Tells (d. Jack Newell
The Auteur (d. James Westby)
The Climactic Death Of Dark Ninja (d. Peter Craig)
The Detention Teacher (d. Ben Weeks)
The Father, Unblinking (d. Ziggy Attias)
The Job (d. Jonathan Browning)
The Lonely Lights, The Color Of Lemons (d. Benjamin M. Piety)
The Morning After (d. Casey Walker)
The Planning Lady (d. Marty Shea)
The Pre-Nup (d. Marty Weiss)
They're Just Words, Just Their Words (d. Jake Jarvi)
Under My Skin (d. Vito Lapiccola)
Vacant (d. Brian McQuery)
Wine Bar (d. Christian Remde)

Documentary Shorts: 

Bathwater (d. Kris Williams)
Bicycle Messengers (d. Joshua Frankel)
The Cole Nobody Knows (d. Clay Walker)
The Force Among Us (work in progress) (d. Christian George Macht & Cortney Macht)
The Giving (d. Mary Firth)
Tour De Donut: Gluttons For Punishment (d. Steve Kelley & Jim Klenn)
Ulbert (d. Declan Ryan)

Music Videos: 

Andrea Coller - "Silver Lining" (d. George Green)
Beeple - "iv.6" - (d. Mike Winkelmann)
Bill Madden - "Gone" (d. Andrew Watson)
Citizen Cope - "Back Together" (d. Paul Dektor)
Cut Chemist - "SPAT" (d. James Reitano)
Glen Phillips - "Everything But You" (d. Matthew WarD)
Hot Club Of Detroit - "Swing One" (d. Anthony Ernest Garth)
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - "The Owl" (d. Emmanuel Ho)
New York Dolls - "Man Is A Monkey" (d. Dano Johnson)
Tarka Groove Experiment - "Get On Down" (d. Colin Gardiner)
Triple Creame - "Team Queen" (d. Leah Meyerhoff)

2007 was the first year we had the “Cinema Obscura” Room, which showed older films that wouldn’t normally be screened at the festival. For the first year it was $2, but it was later turned into a free room.

2007 Cinema Obscura Room

10:00 am
2006 LCFF Award Winning Short Films
- Ride Of The Mergansers
- Trailer Racer
- Son
- I Killed Zoe Day

After The Fall (Work-In-Progress) / As Smart As They Are (d. Joe Pacheco)

Earth To Farquar (Work-In-Progress) (d. Tony Andrules)

Waiting For The Man (d. John Covert)

Alma (d. Ruth Leitman)

With You (d. Jason Christensen)

2007 Jurors

Documentary Feature Jury:

Dan Kolen
Ruth Leitman
Joe Pacheco
Robert Loerzal

Narrative Feature Jury:

Sean Hagan
Tony Andrules
Brian Owens
Hank Sartin

Shorts Jury:

John Covert
Steve Coulter
Dann Gire

2007 Award Winners

Audience Awards

The Daniel Chapp Award For Best Narrative Feature:

The Edward Amet Award For Best Short Film:
The Job

Jury Awards

Best Narrative Feature:
The Pacific And Eddy

Best Documentary Feature:
Abel Raises Cain


Lake County Film Festival March 8-12 focuses on indie films; fewer venues centered in Libertyville – Reel Chicago – March 1, 2007