2006 LCFF

2006 Venues

James Lumber Center
College Of Lake County
19351 W. Washington St.
Grayslake, IL 60030

Libertyville Civic Center
135 W. Church St.
Libertyville, IL 60048

Regal Cinemas
300 Parkway Dr.
Lincolnshire, IL  60069

Liberty Theatre
708 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048

Highland Park Theatre
445 Central Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035


In our third year, we increased our selected films to 16 feature films and 59 short films. We also had four special screenings. We screened an advance screening of American Dreamz and we showed Chan-Wook Park’s Vengeance trilogy on consecutive midnights (we were the 2nd US screening of Lady Vengeance.

We also had a live band (The Blue Dahlia) perform a live score to Buster Keaton’s Seven Chances, and a mashup of film clips set to the music of The Flaming Lips’ album Zaireeka!

2006 Selected Films

Advance Screening: 

American Dreamz (d. Paul Weitz)

Midnight Movies:

Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (d. Chan-Wook Park)
Oldboy (d. Chan-Wook Park)
Lady Vengeance (d. Chan-Wook Park)

Narrative Features:

Captain Blasto (d. Christopher Preksta)
The Door (d. Bruce Wood)
Four Eyed Monsters (d. Susan Buice & Arin Crumley)
Grodmin (d. Jim Horowitz)
Keep Your Distance (d. Stu Pollard)
Luke's Father & The Sled (d. Zach Dehm)
Traveller (d. William Olsson)
Unknown (d. Nick Thompson)
With You (d. Jason Christensen)
You Are Alone (d. Gorman Bechard)

Documentary Features: 

As Smart As They Are: The Author Project (d. Joe Pacheco)
Colorblind (d. Pamela Peak)
Electric Purgatory (d. Raymond Gayle)
Fatboy: The Movie (d. Michael Landsberg)
El Inmigrante (d. David Eckenrode, John Eckenrode & John Sheedy)
Jump: A Frogumentary (d. Justin Bookey)

Narrative Shorts:

21 Carbs (d. Marty Shea)
A Silent Night (d. Andy Nguyen)
ante meridan (d. Rus Robert Blemker)
The Appropriately False Portrayal Of The Dr. Steven Ackerman Affair (d. Brian Sharpe)
Arc (d. Steve Gelder)
Australian Summer (d. Luke Eve)
Broken (d. Alex Ferrari)
Bush (d. Arin Crumley)
Credo (d. Keith Snyder)
Deal (d. James Zahn)
Delivery (d. Patrick Smith)
The Doctor Cares (d. David Baeumler & Doug Bost)
Drink (d. Patrick Smith)
Ever Vigilant, Ever True (d. Joe Pacheco & Joshuah Bearman)
The Fisherboy (d. Jonathan Blitstein)
Fly (d. Ben Weeks)
Ghost Story (d. David Henderson)
Good Times: Volume 1 (d. Ken Hegan)
Handshake (d. Patrick Smith)
Homesick Blues (d. Junko Kajino & Ed M. Koziarski)
I Killed Zoe Day (d. Powell Weaver)
Intoxicated Demons (d. Donlee Brussel)
La Vie D'un Chien (d. John Harden)
Lemmings (d. Ron Fleischer)
Let Go (d. Brian McQuery)
The Lion Awakens (d. Daniel Hahn)
The Mantis Parable (d. Josh Staub)
Mr. Malikai Battles The Aeroplane (d. Drew Blatman)
Robots Are Blue (d. Bill Sebastian)
Sell In Hell (d. Blake Arnold & Keith Snyder)
Smartcard (d. James Oxford)
Son (d. Glynn Beard)
Space Chase (d. Daniel Duncan & Jonathan Pearson)
Spin (d. Jamin Winans)
Super-Anon (d. Stephen Plitt)
Timekeeper (d. Jesse Stratton)
We're The Government - And You're Not (d. David McElroy)
West Bank Story (d. Ari Sandel)
Xchange (d. Martin Chab)
XXX: a canimation (d. Joe Pacheco & Stavros Stavropoulos)

Documentary Shorts:

30 Miles (d. Ronnie Cramer)
The Assembler (d. Jeffrey Hill)
Genie In A Bottle: Unleashed (d. Stephen Sotor & Trace Gaynor)
Gong Yi (d. Chao Kuang Hsieh)
Grand Luncheonette (d. Peter Sillen)
Matisyahu (d. David Baugnon)
Trailer Racer (d. Matt Golin)

Music Videos:

The 50 Ways - "Peter" (d. George Green)
Abstract Rude + Tribe Unique - "Yep!" (d. Isaac Klotz)
Beeple - "Century Gothic" (d. Mike Winkelmann)
Fischerspooner - "Emerge" (d. Susan Buice)
The Microphones - "The Blow, Pt. 2/I Felt Your Shape" (d. Daniel Hahn)
The Planets - "Moving Along" (d. Patrick Smith)
Primer 55 - "The Big F# You" (d. James Zahn & Ben Brezinski)
Queen - "Bicycle" (d. John Cernak)
Revboy - "Republican Fight Song" (d. James Doolittle)
Rocco Vogel & Zulu - "Upon You, God" (d. Minji Kang)
Vivaldi - "Nisi Dominus" (d. Richard Liukis)



2006 was the first year we handed out awards. Instead of simply asking filmmakers to be on the jury, we assembled juries with one each from 5 different categories (filmmaker, critic, musician, film festivals, and fans)

2006 Jurors

Feature Jurors:

John Covert (filmmaker)
Bruce Ingram (film critic)
Brian Owens (film festival programmer)
Joe Daniels (musician)
Jeff Goodman (fan)

Shorts Jurors:

Joe Swanberg (filmmaker)
Dann Gire (film critic)
Bryan Wendorf (film festival programmer)
William Flegal (musician)
Carol Milazzo (fan)

2006 Award Winners

Audience Award Winners 

The Edward Amet Award Best Short Film:

The Daniel Chapp Award For Best Narrative Feature:
The Traveler

Best Documentary Feature:
Fatboy: The Movie 

Jury Award Winners

Best Documentary Feature:
El Inmigrante

Best Narrative Feature:
The Traveler

Best Comedy Short Film:
Good Times: Vol. 1

Best Documentary Short Film:
The Ride Of The Mergansers 

Best Local Short Film:
Trailer Racer

Best Dramatic Short Films:

Special Jury Award For Visual Design:
Captain Blasto

Special Jury Award For Best Score:
The Door

The Andrules+Fries Awards: 

Best Short Film:
I Killed Zoe Day

Best Feature Film:
Fatboy: The Movie


Lake County Film Festival March 2-6 brings suburbs dozens of otherwise unavailable films – Reel Chicago – Feb 20, 2006