2011 LCFF

2011 Selected Films

Narrative Features:

Americatown (d. Kenneth Price)
Annabelle & Bear (d. Amy S. Weber)
Drawing With Chalk (d. Todd Giglio)
Happily After (d. John Klein)
One Year (d. Tom Kleine)
Something Better, Somewhere Else (d. Ron Lazzeretti)
Welcome To Gentle Waters (d. Jessica Hardy & Brent Kado)

Documentary Features:

The Bass Player (d. Niall McKay)
Everyday Sunshine (d. Lev Anderson & Chris Metzler)
Stages (d. The Meerkat Media Collective)
Tony & Janina's American Wedding (d. Ruth Leitman)


Ron Lazzeretti’s feature opens Lake County Fest, March 17-31 – Reel Chicago – March 15, 2011